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A Little Bit of Soul! by gpiv
June 13, 2010, 12:23 pm
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Five bottles of beer in the fridge.

It’s Sunday and I have to finish the store for the most part today.  The Nazi keeps coming down and making fun of me.   As if that helps.

I met Paul Fiarkoski who was back for his 25 year South High reunion this weekend.  His website is Remember Rosenblatt Stadium at http://www.remember  Check it out.  Paul told the story of living on 24th street as a kid and from his bedroom he could see the lights of Rosenblatt on summer nights.  It’s sad that there won’t be those memories for anyone in the old neighborhood anymore.  I am sure the old rich people living in and around the New Stadium won’t have those same memories.

Sound bitter?  I don’t know that it is bitterness.  I’m a historian by education.  I am a collector (hoarder) by nature.  I am as sentimental as they come.  I love things old.  I love things majestic.  I love memories because even if my memories are somewhat distorted, they generally are memories of how I wanted things to be.

And I wanted Rosenblatt to last forever.  Sure I can remember it.  But it was a monument and to me it was majestic.  It was baseball as I always imagined it to be.  It was something that I have touched and it has touched me back.

The College World Series will continue to exist but it has lost some of its soul with the move downtown.  Rosenblatt was a major part of the soul of the College World Series and we all know that it is the soul of the event and of College baseball that is most important.

As we are seeing right now with the bulldozing of the College Football landscape, nearly nothing in sports has a soul today.  The soul of College Football is not in Nebraska in the Big Ten.  I should be happy for Nebraska, and part of me is, but the soul of Nebraska football left when we stopped playing Oklahoma on Thanksgiving weekend. 

Nebraska to the Big Ten is about greed and money.  Tom Osborne and the powers that be did what is best for the University and the state and I am sure that there will be a great monetary future in the Big Ten.  But we have no Old Oaken Bucket to play for.  We don’t have Paul Bunyans Axe  or any of the other traditions that the other members of the Big Ten have.

We will for a long time be the outsider.  Like Penn State before us we sold our Soul for a pile of money.

I love Nebraska football because for so long we have had a soul.

That is what Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan took away from us.  We got it back with Bo Pelini, but it might be gone in a different way now.

The filthy luchre.

We will now have a bigger elephant area, nicer parking and fabulous animal exhibits for the Zoo which anchors the Omaha tourism dollar.  Dollars and cents, but maybe not sense.

I am a simpler creature, tied to more primitive patterns and cycles.  I need to think that something lasts forever.

Forever ends in eighteen days.

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