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Is your head crooked or just your hat? It might be a big year for bending hats! by gpiv
June 14, 2010, 10:51 am
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Four bottles of beer int the fridge.

Well the field is somewhat set.  Arizona State disposed of Arkansas in two games.  South Carolina dashed the dreams of Coastal Carolina and there will be no teal on this years shirts.  Florida took care of Miami.  TCU upset Texas to earn there first ever trip to the CWS.  That flat billed crooked hat guy beware.  Ucla held serve and beat Cal State.  Finally Florida State was sable to stave off Vanderbilt to return to the series.

I’d like to say goodbye to two longtime sets of fans of The View.  Some of the Cal State boys will most assuredly come.  They have rented a house down the street for several years and make The View one of their first and last stops in Omaha.  They are a hearty band.  They do not come in the numbers that the other schools do but what they lack in numbers they have always made up for in enthusiasm.

As you know I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve.  There was an incident a few years ago when Cal State was eliminated and their whole team came over to the fans house across the street, in their uniforms. To the thundering applause and cheers of their fans.  It was the most touching fan-player interaction I have seen in my nineteen years.  Sure I have seen some great fan enthusiasm for the championship teams.  But this reaction, in the throes of losing showed what true fans the Cal State faithful are.

I will miss you and I hope you join us this year anyway.

I have to say goodbye t o t he Texas fans.  The first fans that walked in the store 19 years ago were from Texas.  A kid from Texas named Boatwright.  He came for a few years and then kind of disappeared.

I have to say that the Texas fans are a different group than the above referenced Titan fans.  They are supremely confident, some may say arrogant.  They are free spending, free drinking and brash, but they too love their team with all their hearts.  I will truly miss them as they were, as a child, my favorite team in the College World Series. 

Maybe they just couldn’t come without LSU.  It just wouldn’t have been the same.  What group of fans would they have battled their cuisine against?  Texas barbeque versus LSU cajun food has been a good rivalry for years and I don’t know that there will be the tailgates that there have been in  the past.  The air around Rosenblatt will be absent of some of the fine aromas that have emanated during the nineties and 2000’s.

There is a chance that Purple will be a dominant color this year. Right now., TCU and that crooked headed flat billed pitcher of theirs, brings the color to town.  Today Clemson can bring the second purple by defeating Alabama and Virginia could make it three by defeating Oklahoma.

Of course Oklahoma and Alabama could make it four burgundy/crimson colored teams with wins as they would join Florida State and South Carolina with that dominant color.

Well I get the ATM today.  Time to start counting the number of hits.  I predict a record year.  Waiting to get your money at the series ain’t free.

I know that I have cheered the entire year for Texas and LSU t o make it to the series.  I have been let down, perhaps fittingly.  In a year where they are taking my Stadium and my College World Series away from me why would they make it easy on me. 

But we built this little hobby house of ours from not only the Texas’ and LSU’s but the Tulanes,  San Jose States, Missouri State’s and Rajun Cajuns from Louisiana Lafayette.  We built it by being fans of College Baseball and we built it………………..

One beer at a time.

So for the one new team and the seven old teams that are going to make it we give you the Stadium View welcome…………

“Wanna Beer?”

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I thought it was the UC Irvine players that met the fans at the house across the street after they were eliminated?

Comment by Moosey

Yes I will have a beer, or two or whatever.There will be Tiger and Texas fans down the First base side at the bottom of the hill, as we always are.We were even mentioned on the Texas/Tcu broadcast the other day.Can’t wait to see you guys.

Comment by Robert King

Thanks, likewisPiv

Comment by gpiv

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