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Big Plans for next year! by gpiv
June 15, 2010, 10:46 am
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Three bottles of beer in the fridge.

As I write this it appears that the field is set.  Clemson won earlier today and Oklahoma is winning 8-0.  Here they come.

I was at the store for about three hours today, at two different times.  Saw maybe fifteen or twenty people. 

Last year when I had cancer and I ran the St.Bernadette basketball tournament I had a list of things that I sent to all the coaches, forbidding them from asking certain questions about how my family was taking it and saying that they were praying for me because they were Catholic and of course they were praying for me.  That’s what Catholics do.  Not that I at all discount those prayers or there good wishes and I totally appreciate them, I just didn’t want them to tell me about it and get me all emotional.

Get to the point Piv you are probably saying.

I digress.

How the hell could I digress more than I already have.

The series is four days away and if one more person asks me what I am going to do next year I am going to reach down their throat and perform a colonoscopy by pulling their colon out through their throat.

The, “You mean after the fire?” line works and is extremely witty, and you know I like witty.  But even I have a limit to the amount of times I can tell a joke. At least some jokes.

Grasshopper walks into a bar.  The bartender looks at him and says we have a drink named after you.  The Grasshopper looks him in the eye and says, “Really.  Really, you have a drink named Steve.”

Now that joke never gets old and I have probably told it about a thousand times.

If everyone that asked me what I was going to do next year just gave me ten dollars each, we wouldn’t have to worry about what I was going to do next year.  I think I could probably take the next two College World Series’ off .

It is a little like asking Abraham Lincoln how he liked the play that night at Ford’s Theater.

What will I do next year? Here’s some ideas.

I will sit on the front stoop, cause nobody will be coming in and it will be cooler out there than it is in the store and I won’t be able to afford to run the air conditioner.

I will sort a lot of cards because nobody will interrupt the limited concentration that it takes.

I will get drunk.  Somebody’s got to drink all that beer I bought in case somebody showed up.

I will take some times to write my kids some notes..  They won’t be there for the first time lin a long time.

I will take Fathers day off for the first time in nineteen years.

I will be plotting revenge, whether it be against the Zoo, the real culprit in the move or Mayor Fahey and his girlfriend across the street.  Paybacks are hell.

I will read the South Omaha Sun from cover to cover seeing if they have decided to rewrite history and mention that I was once a big part of the College World History.

I’ll call Kris and Moosey because I won’t see them for the first time in a long time.

I’ll talk to the Nazi, because he’ll come down there  and make fun of me for buying some t-shirts and putting in some beer in case anybody shows up.  And then he’ll go downtown and join the festivities.

I’ll go dance in the middle of 13th Street cause the cops on the horse can’t touch me.

I’ll go right up to Starsky’s ad buy myself a beer and I’ll be able to walk right in.

Then I’ll walk across the street and get a burger and fries at Zesto’s at the real price and not the inflated price and maybe throw a malt in at the regular price.

I’ll go out to the back lot and wait an hour or so for a car to pull up and then I’ll park them, for free.

I’ll eat a roaster full of jambalaya, rather than let it spoil.

And then I’ll turn on the TV and watch the College World Series on TV, just like I have for twenty previous years.

See it won’t be very different, will it?

At least the cops won’t be there with a search warrant!

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