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A Shameful past! A shameful present! by gpiv
June 16, 2010, 10:59 am
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Two bottles of beer in the fridge.

Welcome to Stadium View.   Would you like a beer.

Just practicing.

Big day today.  Got the place almost clean, or at least straightened up.  Waco was also cleaning the clubhouse in back.  We’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.

Stadium View T-shirts are in.  The To Hell With Rosenblatt shirts look good.  Also have one that reads on the back, “We’ve put the fun in championship college baseball for 19 years……so long!”   On the front it just says Stadium View, est. 1992.  We also got the Stadium View staff shirts.  There are a lot of them so we may be selling staff shirts to the highest bidder.

Tents are popping up all over the place and I have never seen so many people in town so early.   A vendor named Victor that I haven’t seen in town for about eight years or so was hanging around yesterday.  Victor a cash only if he wants to buy from me.

A guy was in today trying to peddle some Negro league stuff.  Now I am kind of  a Negro League aficionado.  I have read several books and am fascinated by the teams and the stories.  His dad was a pitcher in the Negro Leagues.  We talked for about a half an hour.

I have a bunch of Negro Leagues gear.  Pittsburgh Crawford’s, Homestead Grays, Kansas City Monarchs and the New York Black Yankees are all in my closet.  But the history of Negro League Baseball is what is interesting.   These men absolutely loved the game.  Many could have dominated in the major leagues at that time.  But they worked for little money, as did many of their counterparts in the Major Leagues and played because the loved it between the white lines.

Mr. Biddle and I talked about how despite the fact of the color barrier, none of the former Negro Leaguers are bitter about the fact that they couldn’t play in the major leagues.  They don’t have the sense of entitlement that comes along with todays athlete.  Many of the players that will appear in the College World Series have had that sense of entitlement since little leagues and especially since select ball. 

Wear your hat straight, bend the rim and look like a ball player.  If we wanted clowns at the world series we would put a part-time rodeo out there between innings.

Dude you’re not entitled.  There isn’t a player who played in the Negro Leagues, probably making a couple of dollars a day, whose bags you deserve to carry.  They respected the game and part of respecting the game is to dress and act like a ball player.

Management reserves the right to bend your hat if you look like a dork at Stadium View.

By the way, if you need to kill a day and a half while you’re at the CWS, jump on the interstate and head down to the Negro League Museum in Kansas city.  It’s really cool.

Baseball is all about its history and the Negro Leagues is a great part, but also somewhat a shameful part of that history. 

College baseball is all about its history.   It may have begun in Kalamazoo Michigan, but all but a small portion of its history has been forged in a Stadium on a hill in Omaha Nebraska.

And for fourteen more days that Stadium on a hill will be the most important place in College baseball history. 

And then we tear it down!

Sometimes we don’t know what we’ve got til it’s gone.

Just like Mr. Biddle’s Negro Leagues, the move to a downtown stadium may be a shameful part of College World Series and College Baseball History.

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*puts up 2 fingers*

Word I’m hearing is that they are going to a wrist band system for the morning upgrade line. I’m sure that will go over well…

And the reserved seat tickets don’t go on sale until 30 min after the end of the last friday game (or saturday game), which is precisely when I’ll be on the road. So again:

*puts up 2 fingers*

Also, sending some wonderful Bruins fans your way Piv.

Comment by PodKatt

that should read: “don’t go on sale on Ticketmaster until 30 min after the end of the last friday game

Comment by PodKatt

Does anybody know where Chavet Sikes is going to be during the CWS? He owes me some money……

Comment by EA

How much is each t-shirt? Unfortunately, I cannot attend, but my brother is and he’ll be stopping by for me.

Comment by George

I am not sure which shirts youare talking about. Most college World Series shirts are $22.00. Most Stadium View Shirts are $15.00.

Comment by gpiv

Stadium View shirts!!! I still have my “We reserve the right…” shirt and have to get the final edition. My friends at Nike asked me what you plan to do next year. Are there any current options to find space near the new park?

Comment by George

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