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The Revolution is here! CWS fans unite, you have nothing to lose but your free beer! by gpiv
June 20, 2010, 11:56 am
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Too many bottles of beer in the fridge.

Sorry I’ve been letting you guys down.  I have a total of five hours sleep since Thursday and I just need to get a lap top at the store so I can blog from there.  But for right now I am writing this at 12:15 Sunday morning.

Ryan McGee of ESPNcom continued his love affair with The View.  In the highest compliment he could have paid to our little island kingdom within the CWS Ryan, in setting out ten must things to do at the CWS said that the number one thing that people had to do was to come to The View and share a beer with yours truly.

He gets it.  He gets what The View is all about.  The View is nothing about money and power and profit motive.  It is pure and it is driven by the genuine feeling of friendship and a desire to make the Championship College Baseball experience as satisfying as possible to as many of the people as we can touch in two weeks.

One wishes that the NCAA had the same goal.

I have advanced during the period of blogging from the mayor of 13th street to the ambassador to the city Of Omaha. I think in an attempt to make one more huge political leap I will make one more push with the help of my bloggers and the Stadium  faithful which is growing daily.

I will sacrifice my ambassadorship and will forsake my CEO status at this point for one thing which I think my readers and CWS visitors will agree is in the best interest of the CWS, the City of Omaha and all college baseball fans.

I will name myself, and with the help of the electronic coup generated by my readership, will ascend to the one job that will save the CWS as we know it.

I will take Dennis Poppe’s job’

Everything ponts to it as the right thing to do.  I have to take the reins of the entire College World Series.

TodayC  of all of the true fans of the College World Series as we know it I am here to declare that the revolution has begun, and soon the despot as we know him, the  NCAA muckety  muck, Dennis Poppe will be deposed and tomorrow I will announce , “What I would do if I were Dennis Poppe.”

But for today, it’s time to go off to work.

Come visit The view at the CWS.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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