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Live updates from 13th St. by Erik Wullschleger
June 22, 2010, 9:08 pm
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I’m going to try and update some stuff periodically from the shop but it’s not easy!

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And if you haven’t heard yet, we’ve been picked up by almost every major publication (including the New York Times who may or may not be conducting an interview as we speak….but we’re shooting for the cover of the Rolling Stone!).


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Greg I hope you are getting some sleep. This is getting to be a sprint to the finish of a wonderful and amazing run on 13th St there, so I hope you are keeping your tank on full of sleep to handle all the excitement and happenning for the next week.
Fathers Day was all about priorities. We did not have tickets to the CWS ( I did not lose any sleep over it at all) so we opted for the next best thing. We dodged rain drops and headed to Platttsmouth for their Old fashioned Fathers Day celebration. The highlight was watching the vintage game of ‘base” of the Plattsmouth team taking on the team from Cowtown , Kansas. The setting and field conditions were great….a big open sea of grean grass. Old rules vintage ball is so much fun. I am convinced all kids (and even the parents) should start playing the game of ‘base.’ The way I look at it and looking at the way that adult men play who get paid mega bucks to screw up, they too should go back and learn the basics. You see, if you can catch a ball without a glove, does that not increase your chances of catching, easier, a ball, WITH A GLOVE?
I guess I am too old school of believing in the basics of learning to simply THROW, CATCH and HIT (keeping your eye on the ball, of course, the # 1 rule). We finished the game off with free ice cream in the Park and a full stomach. And as usual, everytime, I wear my historic (Field, not t-shirt) Brown Park t-shirt, someone will inevitably come and tell or ask me something about it. Since I am almost 60 AND I consider that young, this ‘old’ lady came up and started telling me all about Brown Park because she grew up in the neighborhood. A small and wonderful world it is, when you get to talking about baseball, ballparks and stories.
That leads me to my final chapter. What is the most important thing a guy can do and have his kids experience in the final CWS year at this location after 60 years. As we were driving back into Omaha and as the game was on a rain delay, I told my kids, “let’s go EXPERIENCE some CWS history.” We wiggled and wormed our way up and around, in and thru the beautiful green grassy, friendly, dog-barking, energetic, alive streets and quaint neighborhood and found a parking spot just a block away from the Mecca and Sacred Site of the CWS……….Stadium Views. I was not going to deny my kids, Monika and Zachary, the opportunity of experiencing the excitement at Greg’s Place.
I attended the “Get Motivated” seminar yesterday and listened to a lot of speakers and what a few talked about was what Greg Pivovar is all about and what makes the world go ’round and what we need more of and that is, entrepreneurs and people of Passion and exciitement who put their heart and soul into what they are doing. That will change the world. Washington WILL NOT change the world. You rock, Greg, because, it appears YOU are living your dream.
I will never forget our stop Sunday at Stadium Views. My kids will never forget our stop at Stadium Views. The excitement, energy, the stories, cards, gloves, the stories, photos, momentos, signs, the stories, shirts, jerseys, the talk, the chatter and ,of course, the stories. That is what the “game of base” is all about. That is what Father’s Day is all about.
Good luck to you Greg on the future of Stadium Views. I am sure a lot of players and fans are looking down cheering , yelling and screaming, telling stories, watching and listening to all that is going on at stadium Views and saying, Thanks , Greg, for keeping the game alive.
We left Stadium Views, symbolically, in the rain.
The trip home was not complete without a stop at the Best Kept Secret in South Omaha because it has made no ones TOP 10 places to visit. Nestled, quietly and quaintly and buried in the forest of trees at 16 and U is perhaps a place that just might be the place to help healing the grief of losing Rosenblatt……Historic Brown Park/ Stella Field! Walt Whitman, a poet, said it best in describing places like Stadium Views and Brown Park, “Baseball will take our people out of doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a greater stoicism, tend to relieve us from being a nervous, dyspeptic set, repair our losses and be a Blessing to us.”

P.S. Should anyone want to experience the ‘game of base’ the Farwell Fencebusters will be taking on the Tigers of Ord at Historic Ft Hartsuff, between Ord and Burwell, @ 1:30, Sunday July 11th.

Comment by randy Lukasiewicz


Shawn Clynch…a loyal CWS and Stadium View fan.
My wife and I live in Edmond, OK and are from Texas. I appreciate EVERYTHING you’ve done for Rosenblatt and the CWS in general.. I’ve ALWAYS anticipated my visits with you and Stadium View.
I am curious if you could forward me your email address to keep in touch, IF POSSIBLE.

Comment by Shawn Clynch

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