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I Guess It Was All About The Beer by gpiv
June 22, 2011, 12:58 pm
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I had this dream developed over 19 years that Stadium View was something unique. That the friendships my family and I had developed and the generosity I had exhibited in opening my store, my pocketbook ;and my heart to people all over Omaha and all over the country was something special that might not last forever, but at least for a while.
I have now seen about 15-20 customers at the store over the first five days of the series and a few more at my location by the stadium in Barley’s Bar, 1510 Cuming Street.
I guess it was all about the beer.
I didn’t want it to be and I didn’t think it was, but just like every spring when I think that the Pirates can win the pennant, it looks like I was wrong.
I put in more shirts this year thinkiung I would need to service two locations and the multiple people who had promised to come would be there this year and come and see me. I cooked five gallons of Jambalaya on Saturday for all the friends. I couldn’t let them go hungry.
The three that showed up didn’t.
I hate to beg, but the viability of Stadium View is in danger. Later today, Erik will be posting photos of shirts that I have available for sale. If you can help by buying one or two shirts at a discounted $15 price for regular shirts and $20 for women’s I might somehow be able to keep the dream alive. I also am at the store every morning and will be there every Saturday.
Please help if you can.
After all, t was a great dream. Sometimes it just doesn’t work to dream.


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No, Greg, it was never about the beer for me (I quit over 25 yrs ago), it was about the CWS.. I am not a happy camper as this will be the first one that I’ve missed in several years.. hopefully the lack of bodies is only because of the changes and people will soon find ya’ll..


Comment by Jon

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