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I lost my stadium, I lost my friends, will I lose my store? by gpiv
June 7, 2010, 12:13 pm
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Eleven bottles of beer in the fridge.

It’s over.  The final College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium can not be perfect.  The team that defined the CWS for the last 25 years and for the entirety of the Stadium View era will not be here.  At least not in the tournament.

I believe there spirit will be here,.  And certainly some of their people will come, because they too know that closing the grand old stadium without them is just not right.  But they will not come in force like they usually do.  Purple and gold will not dominate the city like it has so many times.  There will be a spattering of fans, but the beads at this years series will not be the real ones and the bars will be full of fans who don’t know what a real Cajun party is.

The seafood jambalaya will be ready on Saturday June 19th.  You’re all welcome.  Make sure that you stop and say goodbye to the other old building.

I never wanted to say goodbye in print.  When I started this blog some ninety or so days ago hope sprang eternal.  The season had started and the Tigers were rolling.  At the zenith LSU was no. 1 and it all looked good.  But just like the talk two years ago of the plans to renovate Rosenblatt rather than tear it down, things changed.  A losing streak and then a recovery in the SEC tournament.  You peaked again one tournament too early.

The Anteaters of Cal Irvine, the upstart team in the world series two years ago eliminated LSU.  The UCLA took out UCI in the regional championship and my beloved Tigers are gone.

So I will have to say goodbye to many of my friends in this blog.  I have truly loved the relationship we have had and I admire your passion for your team and your passion for a party.  It is 5:30 a.m. when I am writing this on a  Monday morning but I am going to do the one thing to properly say goodbye.

I take my hands off the keyboard long enough to pop the top on a Busch Light and raise it in a toast to all my friends from LSU.  Geaux Tigers.

The regionals are half decided.  Eight are in and eight are out.  In are Texas, TCU, Oklahoma, South Carolina, UCLA, Arizona, Florida State, and Florida.  All are familiar names to the Stadium View era College World Series with the exception of UCLA which has only made it once and TCU which has not made it at all.  With all due respect to the Horned Frog fans and despite the fact that I have a good number of TCU pennants to sell, please do not ruin my CWS completely.

In regionals still to be decide I would hope that Virginia beats St. Johns, Louisville downs Vanderbilt, Coastal Carolina completes their comeback with a victory over College of Charleston, Texas A&M upends Miami, Arkansas drubs Washington, Alabama wins over Georgia Tech, Clemson beats Auburn and Cal State Fullerton fulfills their destiny with a win over Minnesota.  If t hat happens the Super Regionals would be full of teams that would make a final CWS attractive.

I digress.  Did anyone see the small story in the South Omaha sun about the stampede at the pre World Cup game in South Africa.  What a surprise fifteen people were injured trying to get into a stadium to watch a soccer game.  It’s a cinch it had to be going in because after being bored to death during a soccer game how would anybody have the energy to stampede.  Although rushing to get out of a soccer stadium would be high on my list.

Can anybody  say hooligan?  Can anybody say riot?  Can anybody say sub machine gun?  Can anybody say, god forbid, terrorism?

And I have to stay up two hours later so they can televise that crap.

There won’t be any stampedes at the College World Series this year, especially now that the Tigers are not coming.

But an Anteater sure trampled on my College World Series.


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😦 Not a fan of this Piv. I really wanted them to be there to close out Rosenblatt! A not so close second would be Fullerton. I sent Kyle a message to see if they have their trip planned. I know they’ll all be here, it’s just not the same without the team 😦

Comment by Lynn

I’m still coming piv.

Comment by PodKatt

I have a cold one for you. Or two or three. Piv

Comment by gpiv

Piv, Thanks for countless great memories. The Tigers will be back in Omaha at the new stadium for many years to come. We only hope we’ll be able to find you near the new stadium, but rest assured that we’ll always take a trip to the little house on 13th street when we’re in town. Thanks for your years of hospitality and GEAUX TIGERS!!! John

Comment by John Collins

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